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Total Health Care

We are a private billing clinic with a pay on the day policy. All pensioners ,Veteran Affairs patients and children aged 16 years and under are bulk billed. Reports, employment examinations etc. will require you to pay on the day.

Any missed appointment attracts a $30 fee.

Our fees for pay on the day are outlined below.

Consultation / ServicePay on the dayMedicare Gap
Standard Consultation85.0045.25
Standard Telehealth / Phone Consultation85.0045.25
Long Consultation130.0054.25
Prolonged Consultation172.0060.50
Emergency Attendance
After Hours (between 7am and 11pm)
Emergency Attendance
After Hours (between 11pm and 7am)
Missed appointment Fee30.0030.00

If for any reason you can not pay these fees, please ask to talk to the Practice Manager and we would be pleased to discuss options with you.

Patients are asked to pay the full amount of their consultation on the day of the visit. With the new Medicare online services available, if you have lodged your bank account details with Medicare, you will receive your rebate within 48 hours. Please ask staff for more details if you haven’t already lodged your details with Medicare or visit the Medicare website.

Any missed appointment attracts a $30 fee.

Medicare consultations

You will be asked to sign a voucher stating the Medicare fee after your consultation.

If you would like a copy of the signed voucher, you will be provided with one. Please understand if we ask to see your current Medicare or concession card. Medicare Online is a cashless system.

Non-Medicare consultation

Please be aware that some consultations are not funded by Medicare.

Examples include:

  • pre-employment medical examinations or reports,
  • paperwork not related to a health concern
    • (e.g. Passport forms or witnessed signatures),
  • paperwork or other discussion about a legal case,
  • any consultation about a patient who is not present
    • (e.g. parent asking about their child, when the child does not attend).

In these circumstances you may need to pay the full fee, so we ask you to let us know in advance to avoid any misunderstanding.

Workcover and TAC

As these are not Medicare consultations, they cannot be bulk billed.

Usually, you will need either to pay for your consultation in full, or provide prior agreement from your employer or the TAC to pay for the consultation. Once your claim is established, we will bill the insurer directly whenever your visit is relevant to your claim.

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