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Dr John Bergin

Dr John Bergin is one of the 5 Managing Directors of Inglis Medical Centre. He has an MBBS and has been in medicine for the last 34 years. After graduating, Dr Bergin spent 2 years at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne experiencing a broad range of interesting rotations including- paediatrics, rheumatology, psychiatry, oncology and he was also an admitting officer for 16 weeks.

Dr Bergin met his beautiful wife (and nurse at IMC) at the Sale Hospital during his intern rotation in 1981 and has since had 3 great kids, Beck, Pip and Johnnie. Dr Bergin established a solo practice in Sale in 1983 and has been lucky enough to have had a great group of associates ever since, particularly his very good friend Dr Bruce Johnston.

Dr Bergin is very happy with the dynamic ethos of all team members at Inglis Medical Centre who help make work manageable when stressful and enjoyable at all other times.

Dr Bergins main medical interests include paediatrics, oncology, psychiatry and gastro. Outside medicine, he is a family man that enjoys art, antiques, Rugby Union, phantom comics and keeping fit (joints permitting).

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