Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

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The Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 extends the operation of the Privacy Act 1988 to cover the private health sector throughout Australia.

The maintenance of privacy requires that any information regarding individual clients must not be disclosed in any form (verbal, written or electronic within or outside our Hub) except for strictly authorised use within the client care context at our Hub or as legally directed.

The Privacy Act requires our practice to abide by the 10 National Privacy Principles: For further information regarding complying with the legislation visit the website of the Office of the National Privacy Commissioner.

All patient health information must be considered private and confidential, and therefore must not be disclosed to family, friends, staff or others without the patient’s consent. This information includes medical details, family information, address, employment and other demographic and accounts data obtained via reception.

We use up to date clinical software to maintain a secure clinical and messaging system. The Privacy requirements relating to confidentiality, patient consent, security of patient information and medical records extend to all forms of care including Face to Face, Telehealth and Video Consultations.

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